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Allergy Amulet Secures $3.3M in Seed Funding

Allergy Amulet, a Madison, Wis.-based company focused on food allergy, raised $3.3m in seed funding. Led by Abigail Barnes, Co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Joseph BelBruno, Co-founder and Scientific Advisor, Allergy Amulet has developed a small and fast consumer food allergen sensor, which is capable of testing foods for common allergenic ingredients in seconds. The Amulet consists of two parts: a USB-sized reader and a test strip that houses the proprietary sensor chips. The case also accommodates epinephrine and antihistamines, giving users a complete allergy care management platform. Allergy Amulet is slated for pre-sales Fall of 2020 and launch Fall of 2021.

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