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Pivot and Persist: Clothing startup NorthMist records Rs 1 Cr MRR after launching sustainable facemasks

As a result, the demand for sustainable masks is on the rise, and brands are catering to this market, cashing in high returns. For example, Bengaluru-based clothing startup NorthMist introduced a range of sustainable khadi and organic cotton masks as part of its COVID-19 initiative in March 2020. NorthMist managed to grow its monthly revenue rate from Rs 7 lakh in July 2019 to Rs 1 crore in July 2020. However, the market does have sustainable clothing brands including Nicobar, No Nasties, Athlos, and Brown Boy. Devyani Kapoor’s Shuffling Suitcases is an aggregator of sustainable brands, which launched its online website earlier this year.

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