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Artis Raises Another $1.5M in Seed Funding

Artis Technologies, an Atlanta, GA-based provider of lending solutions for businesses to offer financing to their customers at the point of need, raiserd $1.5m in further seed funding. To date, Artis has raised $3m in varying forms of debt and equity financing having previously received angel funds from an entity controlled by Brad Friedlander, company chairman, finance entrepreneur and founder of Angel Oak Capital Advisors. Led by Barclay Keith, CEO, Artis Technologies provides lending solutions for businesses to provide affordable, low-friction financing to their customers at the point of need. Since its public launch in March, Artis has gone to market with its first product, Artis Connect, which enables financial institutions to offer downstream credit through their existing business customers to generate high-quality consumer loans. Last week, the company introduced Artis Credit, a platform that connects businesses with a growing network of banks, credit unions, and lenders that can extend unbiased credit to their customers on the spot.

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