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Justpoint Grabs $1M Seed Funding Round

Justpoint Grabs $1M Seed Funding Round Back to HomeNEW YORK, NY, Justpoint, a startup that uses artificial intelligence for faster analysis of individual medical malpractice claims, has raised $1 million in seed funding. "Justpoint has identified a big inefficient market in medical claims and malpractice that is ripe for disruption. "Our goal is to ensure that the medical malpractice system fulfills its promise with the help of artificial intelligence," said Victor Bornstein, CEO & Co-founder at Justpoint. This additional capital will allow us to further impact the world of medical malpractice and meet the needs of our customers." To advance the medical malpractice industry, Justpoint has put together a team with extensive achievements in healthcare technology, medical malpractice litigation, and artificial intelligence.

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