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MyPorter Grabs $2.2M in Funding

MyPorter Grabs $2.2M in Funding Back to HomeATLANTA, GA, MyPorter announced that it has closed an investment round of $2.2 million. MyPorter launched its concierge storage services in Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas in 2015 to disrupt the antiquated $38 billion self-storage industry. "I saw a unique opportunity with MyPorter to upset an essential services industry that would have a lasting impact locally and, potentially, nationally as well," states Ken Haines. After formation in April 2015, MyPorter remained in the beta stage until mid-2016, when co-CEOs John Foshee and Robert Crump joined the team. The full-service storage company brings a new level of customer service and online experience to the industry by creating the easiest storage option possible.

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