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Facilitating VR

// A new do-it-yourself VR training platform – Facilitate – has been launched by Perth-based startup, UnleashedLocal virtual reality (VR) training startup Unleashed has launched a new platform – Facilitate – a world first DIY solution for trainers and learning & development professionals of large organisations with remote staff. Customers of Facilitate can create, manage and run their own VR and virtual training content at a fraction of the cost of using digital agencies or delivering face-to-face facilitation. Established in 2016 as a VR training provider, Unleashed has positioned Facilitate as the ‘Canva of experiential training’, allowing customers to create high quality training experiences themselves. Demo of the Facilitate VR do-it-yourself platformFacilitate is available now on a month-to-month or annual subscription. ~~Photos – supplied; show Facilitate launch event, held at Riff co-working space, Perth, August 2020.

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