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Join the OTP Startup Partner Program to collaborate with an international banking group! (Sponsored)

After reviewing the possibility of working with nearly 900 startups, conducting 30 pilots and running post-pilot collaborations with 12 companies, the OTP Group is opening its fourth Startup Partner Program. Meet the OTP Startup Partner ProgramThe OTP Startup Partner Program is a superb acceleration track for later-stage innovative companies that wish to test the applicability of their developments in the Central and Eastern European banking sector. The fourth edition of the Program is the Group’s most comprehensive innovation program to date as besides the Group’s headquarters, all its foreign subsidiaries are also looking for startup partners supporting their business objectives. I am proud to see that OTP Startup Partner Program has grown into an innovation initiative that mobilizes the entire Group. More information about the OTP Startup Partner Program, and the application form, can be found here.

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