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Danish startup Ulobby lands more than €1 million and expands to the Nordics

Danish startup Ulobby, which provides a platform for Public Affairs and stakeholder management, has closed a new funding round in order to expand into the Nordics and boost its presence in Brussels. Ulobby was established in 2016 by CTO Bertel Torp and Anders Kopp Jensen and is a SaaS platform for Public Affairs and stakeholder management. Anders Kopp Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Ulobby, commented: “Despite the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, Ulobby managed to grow in Q1 and Q2, which generated positive interest from investors from all over Europe. With the expansion into the Nordics, Ulobby aims at becoming market leader in Northern Europe within two years. During Covid-19, Ulobby also experienced a growing client base in Germany and the US, as well as from the Brussels hub into the Nordic countries.

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