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[Funding alert] Airmeet raises $12M Series A investment led by Sequoia Capital India, Redpoint Ventures

Virtual event organisation platform Airmeet has raised $12 million Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital India and Redpoint Ventures. Existing investors Accel Partners India, Venture Highway, Global Founders Capital (GFC), and Gokul Rajaram (Caviar Lead at Doordash) also participated in the round. Speaking of the investment, Abhishek Mohan, VP, Sequoia Capital India LLP, said,"Covid-19 has accelerated a permanent behavioural shift across many industries. "Airmeet’s mission is to create a global platform to enable millions of community managers and event organisers across the world to engage with and expand their audience. It has successfully powered virtual events for professional communities like Microsoft for Startups, the Linux Foundation, and major educational institutions like the Florida International University.

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