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GullyBuy Software raises Rs 4 crore pre-series A funding

Pune: Pune-based software startup GullyBuy Software said it had raised Rs 4 crore in Pre-Series A funding from SEED Enterprises and a few individual investors.SEED Enterprises is the family office investment firm of Avinash Sethi , Mitesh Bohra and Siddharth Sethi, the founders of InfoBeans Technologies , an IT services firm.“The funding will help our sales/marketing team to promote the app more aggressively and engineering to accelerate the product roadmap. Stores come online ready to receive orders instantly after downloading the vendor app and can opt for product listing, offers, discounts etc at their own pace. "We chose to release our apps with basic functionality to validate the market. They include machine learning-based app recommendations, analytics, links for delivery partners and brand promotions, and language choice. We are also working on a concept called GullyShop, which will be very beneficial to stores," said co-founder Swati Deodhar.Founded in October 2019, this is the fourth startup set up by Shirish and Swati Deodhar.

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