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Seegrid closes a $52 million round for self-driving industrial vehicles

Seegrid, a company that builds self-driving vehicles to carry materials in industrial environments, has added a further $27 million to its recent equity funding. This closes the round at $52 million and takes the company’s total raised to $150 million, with a valuation “in excess of $400 million.”Founded in 2003, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Seegrid has created two vision-guided vehicles (VGVs) capable of moving materials in warehouses and manufacturing sites — completely autonomously. The company has two vehicles on the market — a pallet truck that can transport 8,000 pounds of goods and a tow tractor that can shift 10,000 pounds. Importantly, the vehicles can be retrained entirely in-house to follow new routes, with humans driving or walking alongside a Seegrid VGV to teach it which path to follow. While Seegrid said Menlo Park-based G2VP led the initial $25 million from its latest round, Seegrid hasn’t divulged who topped up the round, beyond noting that the funds came from “leading technology and robotics investors.”

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