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Team8 Fintech, Interview With Galia Beer Gabel

Galia Beer GabelToday, Team8*, a company-building venture group backed with strategic funding from Microsoft, Walmart, Barclays and Moody’s, among others, launched Team8 Fintech, a practice focused on founding and scaling transformative fintech companies. Galia Beer-Gabel, former Head of Business Development for PayPal across Eastern Europe, Israel and Africa, who is part of the founding team of Team8 Fintech, answered our questions about the new iniatiative. FinSMEs: Hi Galia, let’s speak about Team8 Fintech. Team8 Fintech will create companies providing embedded fintech solutions to address these opportunities, enabling such non-financial companies to become new fintech providers, benefiting from new revenue streams and enhanced customer engagement. Team8 Fintech is building companies from the ground up and has already started working on its first company.

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