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The Chainsmokers just closed their debut venture fund, Mantis, with $35 million – TechCrunch

They already have some major-league believers, including investors Mark Cuban, Keith Rabois, Jim Coulter and Ron Conway, who are among the other individuals who provided the Chainsmokers’s new early-stage venture firm, Mantis, with $35 million in capital commitments for its debut fund. Pall and Taggart take their health seriously, so the fitness app is easy to understand. Indeed, despite investing a relatively small in what was ultimately a $10 million round for Loansnap in May, Mantis was credited in numerous reports as being the deal lead.) Taggart and Pall say they also take inspiration from singer Jimmy Buffett, who has co-created numerous businesses to both benefit, and capitalize off, his own fan base. Mantis was originally targeting $50 million in capital commitments, as reported by Bloomberg.

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