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Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says the pandemic forced the company to reevaluate what work means – TechCrunch

“When you think more broadly about the effects of the shift to distributed work, it will be felt well beyond when we go back to the office. “Back in March we started thinking about this, and how [the rapid shift to distributed work] just kind of happened. And so starting in March we reoriented our whole product roadmap around distributed work,” he said. Houston debuted Dropbox in 2008 at the precursor to TechCrunch Disrupt, then called the TechCrunch 50. Although his is a public company on a $1.8 billion run rate, he went through all the stages of a startup, getting funding and eventually going public, and even today as a mature public company, Dropbox still evolving and changing as it adapts to changing requirements in the marketplace.

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