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Myntra, Nykaa, other fashion e-tailers and brands look to get back in shape during festivals

Myntra, the market leader in the fashion space, expects to double sales during the festive season compared to last year. "There was less opportunity to offer fresh designs and new collections in the first half of the year, but the upcoming months will give brands the scope to connect with customers," Ayyappan Rajagopal, Head of Business, Myntra told ET. "The second half of this year is traditionally the peak season for beauty business and will see our business grow as supply chains have been running smoothly and the mobility index is improving," Nayar said. "As we enter the festive season, we expect a pickup in the makeup category," she added.Brands mirrored the sentiment as well. In the personal care space, MamaEarth expects to grow three times over last year's sales numbers.

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