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Startups to Watch: Finch, Grin, Zuper, ShoppingGives

This week, Finch, a New York-based fintech startup that integrates the benefits of investing and the flexibility of checking into an all-in-one account, announced a $1.8 million seed round to launch its platform. Finch is targeting millennials, of whom not even 1 out of 5 have an investment account. This week, Grin announced a $4.3 million seed round to launch its digital orthodontic platform. The seed funding will be invested in developing disruptive technology that would allow for real telehealth in the dental-orthodontics space, CEO Adam Schulhof, D.M.D, said via email. ShoppingGivesIf you are making returns from your investments in Finch, you might consider using them over on ShoppingGives, a social impact commerce platform.

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