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Conjure Launches Out of Stealth with $9M in Seed Funding

Conjure, a NYC-based furniture rental service curated by designer artisans formerly operating as Mobley, announced its official launch out of stealth as well as $9m in seed funding. The round was led by Pillar VC (led by Russ Willcox, former Co-Founder of E-Ink), RiverPark Ventures (founded by Andy Appelbaum, Co-Founder of Seamless), and CoVenture. Led by Daniel Ramirez, CEO & co-founder, Conjure offers furniture and home accessory rental leases for 3-12 months and free assembly and delivery. Conjure also partners with artisans to create curated collections for each room in the home. In partnership with up-and-coming brands such as Wallpaper Projects, Taschen, and Neighborhood Goods, this new marketplace will provide a distinctive user experience exclusive to the Conjure brand.

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