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WhiteHat Jr’s Karan Bajaj On How To Build And Scale An Edtech Product

I have written novels, led a television channel and now an edtech product… All of them have the same cycle of entertainment and meaning,” said Karan Bajaj, founder and CEO of WhiteHat Jr. Then in 2018, Bajaj founded WhiteHat Jr, an edtech startup that enabled kids aged 6-14 to learn programming and coding through one-on-one video classes. Bajaj believes that being able to combine a child’s delight and learning outcomes in an edtech product is very critical because “Kids really value a product with delight, parents value a product with outcomes”. In comparison, WhiteHat Jr three courses include 8 sessions, 48 sessions and 144 sessions respectively, which is a much smaller window to connect with customers and upsell. The second critical factor for WhiteHat Jr is the conversion rate of trials, which helps lower the overall acquisition cost.

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