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Shippeo Buys oPhone

Shippeo, a Paris, France-based provider of Real-Time Transportation Visibility solutions, acquired oPhone, a Lyon, France-based Real-Time Transportation Visibility specialist. As part of the acquisition, oPhone’s team will join Shippeo, with the Lyon-based office becoming Shippeo’s eighth in Europe. The acquisition will allow Shippeo to add some major customers in retail into its community, including Casino, Monoprix, E.Leclerc, Système-U (U Log) as well as manufacturing customers including Panzani and transport companies including STEF. Shippeo now tracks more than 10 million shipments per year and connects 700 telematics and TMS in 70 countries. The addition of oPhone’s team – led by Bruno Marchal, CEO – will see the number of Shippeo employees in research and development roles increase by 20%.

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