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Sanity Announces $9.3M in Series A

Sanity Announces $9.3M in Series A Back to HomeSAN FRANCISCO, CA, has raised $9.3M in Series A funding led by Threshold Ventures., the developer-focused content platform, announced that it has raised $9.3MM in Series A funding to expand its content platform and further build out its developer community. The A round was led by Threshold Ventures and brings Sanity's total funding to $12.8MM. Josh Stein, managing partner at Threshold Ventures and Jesse Robbins, partner at Heavybit will join Sanity's board of directors. Sanity's existing investors include Matthias Biilman and Chris Bach, co-founders of Netlify; Jon Dal CEO and co-founder of Mux; and Edvard Engseth, co-founder of NURX.

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