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[Funding alert] Deep tech startup ReNEWate raises $272K in pre-seed investment from Better Capital

Renewate Infrastructure Technologies Pvt Ltd (ReNEWate), a Pune-based contract digitisation startup, raised a pre-seed round of $272,000 (Rs 2 crore) from Better Capital on Thursday. The deep tech startup will use the raised funds to expand its product offerings, accelerate growth, and further the development of its technology offerings to simplify and improve the end-to-end workflow for property improvement professionals. Real estateFounded by husband-wife duo Debashree Ghatak and Supratik Ghatak, ReNEWate helps millions of renovation contractors, property improvement professionals, and agencies to manage their business digitally. “Millions of property improvement professionals and contractors are still using archaic and unproductive methods for running their businesses, losing time, as well as revenue. Better Capital is an early investor in several SME digitisation innovators like Khatabook, Teachmint, BharatAgri, Saveo, and others.

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