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Pear hosted its invite-only demo day online year; here’s what you might have missed – TechCrunch

PlaybookWhat it does: Playbook automates the people coordination in your repeatable workflows with a simple system to create, execute and track any process with your team, customers, and more. Customers pay a commission when they use the platform to find them a match, but bets against friends are free. LadderWhat it does: A professional community platform for the next generationWebsite: ladder.ioFounders: Akshaya Dinesh (CEO), Andrew TanThe pitch: LinkedIn sucks, everyone hates it. ViaWhat it does: Via helps companies build their own teams in new countries as simply as if they were in their HQ. Website: via.workFounders: Maite Diez-Canedo, Itziar Diez-CanedoThe pitch: Setting up a team in a new country is very complex.

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