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Exclusive: Ecommerce Platform LimeRoad Raises INR 11 Cr From MA Willmind Holdings

LimeRoad raised the amount by issuing 13,974 equity shares at a face value of INR 10 per share a premium of INR 7,905 per shareEcommerce platform LimeRoad has raised INR 11 Cr from Mauritius-based MA Willmind Holdings. Founded in 2012 by Ankush Mehra, Manish Saksena, Prashant Malik and Suchi Mukherjee, LimeRoad is an online fashion and apparel store. According to data on Crunchbase, the company has to date raised $50 Mn from five investors in three funding rounds. In July, Inc42 reported that around 1.29 Mn records of LimeRoad customers had been posted on the Dark Web for sale. While US-based cybersecurity firm Cyble had first investigated and announced the data leak, the company had called the allegations baseless.

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