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Enzymaster Closes US$7.5M Series B-1 Financing Round

Enzymaster, a global biotech company with locations in China, Germany and Singapore specialized in biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, closed a US$7.5M (CNY 50 Mio) Series B-1 funding. Backers included the Chinese investment firms Weifang Zhongke Haichuang Equity Investment Partnership, Tibet Leimerious Venture Investment Partnership, and Caozhixing Junbo Equity Investment Partnership (which is a re-investment by current shareholder Saisheng Investment). Enzymaster provides a solution for the development and commercialization of innovative and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. With their proprietary BioEngine® Directed Evolution Platform and long-term experience in biocatalysis, the company offers R&D services combined with the establishment of complete technology transfer packages and manufacturing collaborations to fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Besides the technology service, Enzymaster also develops and manufactures a portfolio of chemicals based on its proprietary enzymatic tools.

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