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Airtel IQ Looks To Unify Enterprise Communication With Cloud-Based Telephony Services

Offered as APIs, Airtel IQ can be integrated within a company’s communications backend within a day’s time, according to a press briefing by the telco. Further, Airtel IQ will enable companies to encrypt all their communications with the customer along with masking mobile numbers. This communication can now be done through Airtel IQ without the customer or delivery partner sharing their phone numbers. That’s what Airtel IQ can do for communication.”Being integrated into telco-grade infrastructure, Airtel IQ claims to offer a robust, secure, cost-efficient, and intuitive solution to enterprises. Airtel’s Tryst With Data Privacy ConcernsWhile Airtel has claimed privacy and secure connections to be the focus of Airtel IQ, the telecom major has been dealing with various data privacy concerns over the past few months.

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