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How the rise of telemedicine can reform the healthcare sector in India

Awareness, access, absence and affordabilityAccording to the last census, more than half of India’s 1.1 billion population lives in villages and rural areas. Due to doctors being able to consult, write prescriptions and spread awareness over a phone call, the load on hospitals had considerably reduced. Through the help of telemedicine, patients in the most remote parts of the country can access help from qualified professionals/super-specialists in the city. ALSO READ How rural India is embracing telemedicine in the time of coronavirusThe growth of telemedicine in IndiaAccording to an EY-IPA study, the telemedicine market in India is expected to reach USD $5.5 billion by 2025. Though the benefits of telemedicine and its potential to transform the healthcare sector in India is far-reaching and holds out much hope, the battle is only half won here.

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