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How Ben Ling got swept into a career as a VC after Vinod Khosla called him out of the blue. Top venture firms are now scrambling to find others like him, he says

Ben Ling was an exec at Google when legendary investor Vinod Khosla called him out of the blue to woo him into taking a job at Khosla Ventures. Today, Ling is a seasoned investor, founder of his own fund, Bling Capital, an early-stage venture firm he started in 2018. Vinod Khosla, the billionaire investor who founded Khosla Ventures in 2004. That kicked off a five-year tenure at Khosla Ventures, where he backed multiple unicorns, including Lyft, GitLab, and Instacart. That's because Silicon Valley is now awash with venture capital, adding pressure on venture firms to differentiate their money by showcasing the talents of their investors.

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