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Hearing loss treatment crowned overall winner of 2020 Curtinnovation Awards

// Together with five other category winners, a new gel formula treatment for people with hearing loss has taken out the 2020 Curtinnovation Awards. “The overall winning project at this year’s Awards aims to help people find an alternative treatment for hearing loss, which is currently managed through hearing aids, cochlear implants or surgery. Curtinnovaton WinnersOverall winner: Gel formula for treating hearing lossThis project creates a new formula of an existing pharmaceutical to counter hearing loss, for which there is no suitable medication. This could help many people who have suffered hearing loss as a result of ageing, exposure to noise or as a side effect of common treatments for infection and cancer. Team: Dr Michael David Wilson, Dr Luke Strickland, Dr Karina Jorritsma and Professor Mark Griffin from Curtin’s Future of Work Institute.

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