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SWTCH, Opus One partner to launch blockchain-based electric vehicle platform

Toronto-based SWTCH Energy has partnered with Opus One Solutions to implement a blockchain-based electric vehicle (EV) charging management platform, which will be launched in Toronto. The partnership includes a $1 million investment from the Natural Resources Canada (NRC) Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration program, with total contributions towards the project from SWTCH, Opus One, and the NRC totalling $2.6 million. The partnership between SWTCH and Opus One will integrate TE networks that leverage EVs as electricity-producing and storage resources. SWTCH and Opus One stated a goal of the initiative is to leverage blockchain and vehicle-to-grid charging within TE networks to reduce costs of EV charging. Founded in 2011, the startup’s GridOS platform is designed to optimize complex power flows to deliver real-time energy management.

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