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Loadsmart raises $90 million for AI that matches shippers with truck transportation

Loadsmart, a New York-based startup that leverages AI and hundreds of data sources to automate truckload booking, today announced a $90 million round. The funding comes after the startup experienced 250% revenue growth between January and November and expanded its offerings to support rail transportation. Roughly 80% of all cargo in the U.S. is transported by the 7.1 million people who drive flatbed trailers, dry vans, and other heavy lifters for the country’s 1.3 million trucking companies. Loadsmart recently launched an add-on for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that gives shippers the ability to price and book shipments without having a transportation management system. In another milestone, last August Loadsmart completed an automated dispatch and delivery pilot with now-defunct autonomous vehicle startup Starsky Robotics.

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