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Kea raises $10M to build AI that helps restaurants answer the phone – TechCrunch

Kea is a new startup giving restaurants an opportunity to upgrade one of the more old-fashioned ways that they take orders — over the phone. Founder and CEO Adam Ahmad said that with restaurants perpetually understaffed, they usually don’t have someone who can devote their attention to answering the phone. But Ahmad said that while most existing phone systems are “not smart,” Kea’s AI is very different, because it’s just focused on restaurant ordering. We’re not innovating for the whole dictionary — it’s a constrained model, it’s a menu.”In fact, the Kea team gave me a number to dial where I could try the system out for myself. With the new funding, Ahmad’s goal is to bring Kea to 1,000 restaurants across 37 states in 2021.

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