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Remembering the extraordinary Tony Hsieh – yes, there’s a Miami story too

In February 2013, Hsieh spoke at Start-Up City Miami, one of the first large-scale events in the early days of Miami’s efforts to build a startup ecosystem. Spearheaded by Matt Haggman and the Knight Foundation with urban affairs expert Richard Florida, Start-Up City brought together national and local voices. That one-day Start-Up City event, that drew more than a thousand people, was one of the reasons I continue to this day covering the tech and startup community. He has been on a mission to build one in downtown Las Vegas — what he calls the “the anti-strip.”Hsieh has committed $350 million, mostly his own funds, to help make Las Vegas one of the world’s great cities and a technology hub. There were many more great Hsieh and Zappos culture nuggets shared that day in Orlando.

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