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[Funding alert] StartupXseed invests Rs 5.5 Cr in password-less authentication startup SAWO Labs

SAWO Labs, a Mumbai- based SaaS-powered one-tap authentication service, has raised Rs 5.5 crore closing its seed funding round. The round was led by StartupXseed, thereby increasing the startup’s valuation to Rs 28 crore. SAWO Labs was one of the nine pre-seed stage startups that 100x.VC invested in September 2020 as a part of its Class 02 Portfolio. Commenting on the funding round, Prabhat Sahu, Founder and CEO, SAWO Labs, said, “At SAWO, we are singularly focused on revolutionising the global authentication landscape. SAWO is grateful to everyone whose efforts have led to a successful closure of our seed funding round.

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