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Scale-up operating model: Jacob Quartier of the sales enablement platform Showpad

We got started with a broad question: how does Showpad’s operating model guide the company’s day-to-day activity? “Growth is criterion number one” — How Showpad uses its operating model to scale“The term ‘operating model’ is used differently in different industries,” says Jacob. Using an operating model to guide tough decisionsAs Jacob points out, Showpad has had an incredible growth story. Our core operating model remains the same, but we also have regional variations in our go-to-market planning.”Showpad’s operating model has helped guide other key decisions, such as knowing when to rely on external support, and when to bring things in-house. How an operating model informs your staffing strategyFor scale-ups looking to make the next step in their evolution, an operating model can help with decisions around when to hire for new roles.

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