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Afresh Raises $13M in Funding

Afresh Technologies, a San Francisco, CA-based artificial intelligence-powered fresh food optimization platform for grocers, raised $13m in funding. The round was led by Food Retail Ventures joined by existing investors Innovation Endeavors, Maersk Growth, and Baseline Ventures. Afresh also added grocery industry veteran James McCann, CEO of Food Retail Ventures and former CEO of Ahold USA, as a new member of its Board of Directors. The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand its business reach and the product across more functions in the coming months. Founded in 2017 by Matt Schwartz, Nathan Fenner, and Volodymyr Kuleshov, Afresh Technologies develops A.I.-powered solutions that optimize merchandising, ordering, and operations for all fresh departments and reduces food waste and improves its partners’ profitability.

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