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These 5 VCs have high hopes for cannabis in 2021 – TechCrunch

Thanks to COVID-19, cannabis is now an essential business and many companies are entering 2021 after seeing huge gains in 2020. TechCrunch surveyed five key investors who touch different aspects of the cannabis business. Despite remaining headwinds, the future is looking up for most cannabis businesses, according to these investors. Morgan Paxhia, managing director of Poseidon Investment Management, put it this way: “2021 could be nothing short of amazing for our industry. It’s going to be fun!”Morgan Paxhia, managing director, Poseidon Investment ManagementAnthony Coniglio, CEO, NewLake CapitalEmily Paxhia, managing partner, Poseidon Investment ManagementMatt Shalhoub, managing partner, Green Acre CapitalJerel Registre, managing director, Curio WMBE FundMorgan Paxhia, managing director, Poseidon Investment Management2020 was a blockbuster year for cannabis.

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