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Landing Scoops Up $100M

Landing Scoops Up $100M Back to HomeSAN FRANCISCO, CA, Landing has secured $100 million in new funding: a 45 million Series B alongside a $55 million debt facility. Landing, the company behind the first membership for flexible, long-term living, today announced it secured $100M in new funding: a $45M Series B led by Foundry Group with participation by Greycroft and Maveron, alongside a $55M debt facility. Paired with the $20M Series A round earlier this year and $65M in total debt financing, since launch in 2019 Landing has secured $180M in total funding. Beginning with a network of fully-finished urban apartments, Landing offers its members an industry-first all-inclusive, flexible living experience. Landing apartments are currently available in 75 major markets across the United States and growing.

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