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[Startup Bharat] This Vadodara startup is enabling startups, SMBs to hire engineers on a sharing basis from large IT companies

Enter Vadodara-based Sharedpro —a talent mobility platform — that helps SMBs and startups hire full-time engineers from large IT companies when they are underutilised. "We create a bridge between employers, especially for SMBs, to hire talent from IT/ITeS companies for up to 12 months in a flexible manner. To solve this problem, Sujit made the medtech startup collaborate with another SMB to hire an employee on a sharing basis. Sharedpro has seen a huge demand from employers, including Fortune 500 companies, to hire employees through its platform. SharedPro team"We’ll also be developing an API for project management systems like Jira and Rally to make it seamless to share or hire talent.

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