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Doctolib partners with French state for vaccine rollout

Digital healthtech Doctolib, which offers online booking for medical appointments, has partnered with the French government for the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine. Doctolib, which is the second biggest healthtech in Europe based on the amount of funding raised, will manage the online booking of vaccine appointments, along with two other French healthtech companies, Maiia and Keldoc. The contract is another win for Doctolib, which has been doing well during the pandemic amid a wider boom in telemedicine. “The Doctolib team is ready to deliver a digital service adapted to the needs of health professionals who practice vaccination against Covid-19,” said Stanislas Niox-Chateau, the company’s founder. For Doctolib, the deal with the French state comes after it won a contract in Germany to run vaccine appointments in Berlin and its surrounding region.

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