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Ledger one of “small number” of additional Shopify merchants found to have been affected by 2020 data breach

Hardwallet for cryptocurrency company Ledger has revealed the data breach at Shopify that was first revealed in September exposed data from 292,000 of its own customers. BetaKit has learned that Ledger is one of a “small number” of Shopify merchants that were recently found to have been affected by the data breach, in addition to the “less than 200” merchants that Shopify originally identified. On Wednesday, Ledger published a statement on its website noting at the time the breach was revealed, Ledger was not known to be one of the affected Shopify merchants. According to Ledger’s statement, Shopify only discovered that Ledger was involved in the breach on December 21. The news that Shopify learned of Ledger’s involvement in the breach only recently brings up questions about the exact number of merchants affected.

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