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Venture capitalists react to Visa-Plaid deal meltdown – TechCrunch

Venture capitalists react to Visa-Plaid deal meltdown 'There is so much left for them to build in fintech infrastructure'Congratulations, you’re no longer selling your company for billions of dollars! As strange as it sounds, that’s the leading perspective from venture capitalists concerning Plaid, now that its much-touted sale to Visa has fallen apart. The $5.3 billion deal would have seen banking API startup Plaid join consumer payments and credit giant Visa. But the American government took a dim view of the deal, and according to Axios reporting, Plaid felt like it could be worth more money in time. The TechCrunch team has collected views from venture capitalists, analysts and Anshu Sharma, CEO of another API-powered startup and a former VC to get a better view on the perspectives in the market concerning the blockbuster breakup.

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