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CES: Plaid, Stripe Executives Provide Insights Into Consumer Financial Behavior

0 In case you hadn’t noticed amid all of the news going on, Consumer Electronics Show 2021 started this week. Baker and Wool also discussed how much of today’s consumer behavior will stick around after it is safe to mingle with others again. Investors infused $2.4 billion into 128 deals in the U.S. in 2020, compared with $2.5 billion in 195 deals in 2019. Globally, that was $4 billion in 363 deals in 2020, compared with $5.1 billion in 534 deals the year prior. Overall, investors have sunk $21.1 billion into global e-commerce companies since 2016 and $9.4 billion into U.S. companies during the same period of time.

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