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Rapid growth in 2020 reveals OKR software market’s untapped potential – TechCrunch

Last year, a number of startups building OKR-focused software raised lots of venture capital, drawing TechCrunch’s attention. After all, how big could the OKR software market really be? And some companies in the mix did not share ARR growth, but instead disclosed other bits of data. Gtmhub:400% ARR growth, 2019300% ARR growth, 2020More: The company has seen strong ACV growth and its reportedly strong gross margins from 2019 held up in 2020, it said. TechCrunch coveragePerdoo:240% paid customer growth, 2020340% user base growth, 2020Given strong market demand, a company representative told The Exchange that Perdoo had to restrict its free tier to 10 users.

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