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Royale Finance Raises $1.45M in Funding

Royale Finance, a Belize City, Belize-based developer of a solution providing funding for iGaming startups, raised $1.45m in funding. Royale Finance solves transparency issues by supporting iGaming platforms that use provably fair algorithms, which ensure that players cannot be cheated. Led by Giorgio Andrews, CEO, Royale Finance is making a cross-chain DeFi solution that uses liquidity pools to provide funding for iGaming startups using fair algorithms which randomize number generation. The Royale Finance ecosystem is powered by ROYA, a governance token used to coordinate between DeFi liquidity providers within the Royale Finance stablecoin collateral pool, which disperses loans to iGaming startups. Following the completion of their Version 1 Web 3.0 App, Royale Finance will build a suite of provably fair games available to online casino operators.

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