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Vilnius-based Attention Insight raises €285K to expand its website and ad testing technology

Lithuanian company Attention Insight, which is developing an AI-powered pre-launch design analytics platform for website and advertising campaign testing, has received €285K in bridge investment from Lithuanian and Polish venture capital funds. Founded in 2019, Attention Insight helps users automatically detect which design elements found on websites, outdoor adverts, or other environments attract users’ attention the most. Last autumn, Attention Insight attracted €421K from LVPA for incentivising R&D and innovations, including improving AI technologies and gathering new data on eye movement. Attention Insight CEO and co-founder Kamilė Jokubaitė commented that the funding drawn from investors will primarily be allocated to expanding into new markets and developing and improving features. We will focus more on the massive and particularly promising Polish market and Polish agencies via our Warsaw branch.

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