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Danish startup Oveo lands €1 million to help companies manage their SaaS tools

Copenhague-based SaaS startup Oveo.io has just raised €1 million in pre-seed funding from PreSeed Ventures, angel investor Ole Andersen and the Danish state’s investment fund, Vaekstfonden. Founded in 2019, Oveo.io is an intelligent SaaS platform that gives a complete, automated overview of all the company’s additional SaaS platforms. In other words, Oveo.io is a SaaS tool that helps companies manage all their other SaaS tools. At its core, Oveo.io is about making companies optimize their processes and management of SaaS so they can let their employees roll out new innovative SaaS tools without worry”, said co-founder Michael Fornander. Oveo.io has just launched a free version which they will roll out in all Danish companies in 2021 before expanding to the rest of Europe.

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