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Automattic acquires analytics company Parse.ly – TechCrunch

Automattic, the for-profit company tied to open source web publishing platform WordPress, is announcing that it has acquired analytics provider Parse.ly. Specifically, Parse.ly is now part of WPVIP, the organization within Automattic that offers enterprise hosting and support to publishers including TechCrunch. And Gernert said there also opportunities to add more commerce-related data to Parse.ly, since Automattic also owns WooCommerce. The goal, he said, is to “make Parse.ly better for WordPress and best for WPVIP.”At the same time, he added, “There’s no plans here to make Parse.ly the only analytics solution that runs on our platform. Parse.ly founders Sachin Kamdar and Andrew Montalenti are joining WPVIP, with Kamdar leading go-to-market strategy for Parse.ly and Montalenti leading product.

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