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Zencastr Raises $4.6M Seed Round

Zencastr Raises $4.6M Seed Round Back to HomeSALT LAKE CITY, UT, Zencastr announced its first-ever $4.6M seed round of funding led by Kickstart. Zencastr, a cloud-based podcasting platform, has announced its first-ever $4.6M seed round of funding, led by Utah-based venture firm Kickstart. Private investors in this round include former Flipagram (acquired by ByteDance/TikTok) executives, Brian Dilley and Farhad Mohit. Zencastr was founded in 2015 by tech entrepreneur Josh Nielsen as a way to put the power of creating interest-based communities in the hands of anyone with a message and a desire to be heard. Today, Zencastr facilitates hundreds of thousands of hours of recorded content every month and services roughly 6% of all podcasts.

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