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Access To Mental Health: Startups Tackle Sector’s Complexities As Investors Go All-in

0 Access to mental health treatment is getting easier, and oddly enough, we have the global pandemic to thank for that. As it relates to startups focused on mental health, she said, “We are helping people talk about mental health with more freedom and less fear. Topping the list is mental health care benefits provider Lyra Health, which has raised more than $480 million to date. “It is all of this in one, and unfortunately, that tailwind will be on mental health issues once we are out of this.”He expects it will take one to two years to get back to the baseline where mental health was pre-COVID. Startup founders also said they aim to blanket the health care system with multiple delivery models, such as to large employers, direct to consumer, employee assistance programs and managed behavioral health care.

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