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Micronoma Closes $3.5M Convertible Debt Financing Round

Micronoma, a San Diego, Calif.-based cancer detection biotech company that utilizes signals from the tumor-related microbiome to diagnose cancer at an early stage with liquid biopsy technology, closed a $3.5m convertible debt financing round. Backers included SymBiosis, LLC, and The Seerave Foundation. The investments bring the company’s total amount of funding to $6.5m since the first seed round six months ago. Led by Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, CEO, Micronoma decrypts signals from some of the most ancient matter in the world, the microbiome, to detect cancer early, from all genomes. The company intends to use the funds to complete its validation study on lung cancer prediction, set up CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) operations, establish its go-to-market strategy utilizing its Oncobiota™ platform, and initiate work on a second cancer target.

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